The Advantages of using the MMS Technology

  • You can use it for multiple applications, e.g. billing, sending out statements, letters of demands, general communication, payslips, etc
  • Very cost effective, .e.g can cut the current mail costs by up to 70%
  • Offers guaranteed reach to the targeted people, e.g. current estimates of people with cellphones in SA is at 30 million
  • You can attach voice to the MMS technology to cater for people who are visually impaired
  • The system provides accurate feedback and reports of all people who have received the message sent
  • The system allows companies penetration into traditional areas, e.g. informal settlements where snail mail becomes a challenge for ordinary man on the street
  • The system is compatible with all types of cellphones from the low entry to fancier cellphones.
  • Where your database doesn't have the cellphones, we are able to assist by acquiring the client's cellphone using only their ID number.
  • The system doesn't require the organisation to change anything in its software, as there are no plug-ins. everything is done remotely.

These are of our MMS campaigns which we have subsequently distributed to our database of 26 million South Africans.

Mobile Advertising Solution

Ntsumi Telecommunications mobile advertising solution takes the online model onto the mobile phone, enabling prospective advertisers to reach their target audience through the mobile channel.

The mobile phone is personal, it is the only device where it is known what you are doing, approxiamately where you are and has an immediate return path. It can also act as a payment mechanism.

 Serving of mobile adverts and the success of campaigns are dictated by the 3 P’s:

  • Preference
  • Permission
  • Privacy 

Ntsumi Telecommunications products communicates across wide range of platforms:

  • The Web
  • Mobile Web
  • Java Applications
  • iPhone, Android, Blackberry applications
  • Voice and video content
  • Standard mobile bearers such as MMS, USSD, SMS

Ntsumi Telecommunications specializes in mobile platforms, where location and integration with other mobile communications platforms such as SMS, USSD and PCM/PRM closes the value chain. 

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