Ntsumi Telecommunications is proud to introduce the latest innovation, in mobile technology, that is sure to revolutionalise the way organisations deliver communication and their financial statements to clients.

It's called MMS statement technology, the world first digital account statement solution. The MMS statement technology is designed to be delivered directly to the mobile phone. The MMS statement provides the intended recipient, with all the information that would normally be included in the traditional hard copy claims, and contribution statements.

Barcode and Ticketing

Ntsumi Telecommunications support both standard 2D and 3D barcodes. We can assist with the setting up this service. Various barcode applications are available and they include:

  1. Event ticketing – personalised barcodes (non forwarding)
  2. POS integration – distribution of discount vouchers / gift cards etc.

Furthermore, we always propose a unique voucher code our clients as it works more efficiently as an end-to-end solution. It is called, Quick Response MMS Services.

We support the integration of QR (Quick Response) codes into various throughtheline CRM campaigns. These campaigns may require a simple yet effective response path which QR codes address best. Various applications of QR codes are available.

Services we offer

  • Mobile billing and invoicing e.g. Advanced Multimedia Messaging Service (AMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  • Advertising and managing communications between organisations. e.g. (MMS), (SMS) Corporate management and payment/collection solutions, which utilises our Mobile Financial Solution
  • USSD, Mobile Applications, Web Applications

Our MMS statement technology is NCA (National Credit Act) and SARS (South African Revenue of Services) compliant, and strictly adheres to best practice policies, as laid out in the ASA (Advertising Standards Authorities) and (Mobile Marketing Authorities) MMA’s code of conduct.

We are committed to delivering operational excellence in a safe and responsible way, adding value to our investors, employees, government and the communities in which we operate. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive nancial information is in safe hands.

Mobi Site

A mobi site is increasingly the bed-rock of a good mobile marketing strategy. It enables you to give your customers access to your services and information in a format tailored to the mobile screen and input interface.

Ntsumi Telecommunications caters for various handsets by utilising Mobi application solutions.

The cell phone pictures above shows an example of Mobi app Mobile display advertising and search are the keys to driving traffic to your mobi property. The era of mobile has arrived. Driven by the explosion of smartphones, mobile is the fastest growing medium in history. Today, over half of all new Internet connections are coming from mobile devices and there are already more than one billion mobile Internet users around the world.


Data Cleansing

Database cleansing is among the greatest challenges facing many organisations. Many companies do not always have the mobile phone numbers of all clients in their database. As a value-adding solution, we source the mobile phone numbers of all clients on your database using only their ID numbers, allowing you access to mobile phone numbers that you previously did not have. In this way, our clients are able to increase their revenue by tracing and contacting defaulting debtors using their correct mobile phone numbers.

Data Cleansing...

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